Our design approach sub-divides a system into manageable components called modules, or skids, which are then used in the assembly of the intended system, and can also be easily reused in similar or other situations.

Bellus provides a system of collecting data from the end user and the supplier, in almost any field in the construction industry, creating a series of modules that easily fit together, removing guess work and assumptions. Our designs are created using universal 2D and 3D CAD formats.

Modularity offers many benefits including, flexibility of design, lower installation costs, faster installations, less downtime, cleaner construction, reduced waste, improved site safety and more accurate timelines.

Design Stages

  1. Evaluate and understand the end users requirements and physical environment
  2. Familiarize ourselves and liaison with the suppliers regarding all aspects of the recommended equipment and materials
  3. Submit propositions that would enhance the recommendations of the end-user and the supplier
  4. Assess and coordinate all project engineering requirements
  5. Estimate cost of a modular design, within budget constraints
  6. Design a modular system, using customer needs, existing or new conditions, and recommended equipment

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