Bellus is a family owned business with over 40 years’ experience in the Manufacturing and Construction Industries.   It all began in the backyard workshop of the family home in Barbados, in the mid-seventies, with modular FRP (fiberglass) Patio Furniture.

From Patio Furniture to FRP Automotive Body Components, then on to extensive Boat Building, the business rapidly grew into a major supplier of Custom Built Modular Designs and Components to the accelerating Fishing, Industrial and Construction Industries of the eighties.

During the late eighties and through the turn of the century, the focus shifted almost completely to Modularity mainly encompassing Exotic Kitchen & Bath Surfaces and Architectural Décor Products.

Bellus Contracting (Canada) was founded in October of 2005 and has focused on utilising the vast experience in Modular Design to serve an ever diversifying spectrum mainly in the Industrial and Construction Industries.

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